Monday, April 13, 2015


...Then we take a trip to the book store....


Soooooo back to the story:

My husband walks in ahead of us knowing what he wants to purchase and Malachi and Lydia and I simultaneously just plop down in these comfortable chairs. Right as we sat down a tall white man walks right up to us and says "I gotta share this's a MIRACLE!"

We were all ears!!!

He proceeded to tell the story and pulls out his cell phone saying "I tell you what..God is so good!" I said Amen. We are all smiling, but sure NOT TO INTERRUPT.

He says he adopted 5 kids. All different races and a couple African American and his daughter is now 24 and out of the house. Except she had a baby by this "idiot" and the little girl's name is Haley. He then shows us the picture of Baby Haley...only it is a tragic image of a newborn baby with tubes and mask on in a hospital crib.  Our faces then turn from a smile...surely thinking WHERE IS THIS STORY GOING?? OH HOW SAD:/

He says that the daughter, mother and father were driving in a small, country town in east Texas and they stopped to eat. Dad must have changed the diaper and not snapped Haley's seatbelt and Mom fell asleep because she gets fatigued by her Lupus. The next awakening moment is the two parents with air bags blown in their faces and the front windshield gone and an EMPTY BACK SEAT!!!

OH NO WHERE IS HALEY?! THEY SCREAM FRANTICALLY! Well they get out in search of Haley and she has flown 25 feet from the car...AT LEAST THEY FOUND HER!!! But she flew into a pile of leaves and is NOT BREATHING!!!

OH what panic...but then minutes later an 18 wheeler stops and the driver gets out and ask, "you folks need help? I was an EMT for years". Within minutes he revives Haley, but by the time they have to airlift her to Children's Medical Hospital they report that she probably won't make it over night. The Father arrives at the hopsital and they send prayers up via his wife's fb and a friend of a friend of a friend says she had Haley on her heart prior and sent a MAGNIFICENT PRAYER that the baby girl be healed MIRACULOUSLY BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!!! Well within days OUR GOD DID DELIVER!!! Haley was going to LIVE...only in the first few days she was having up to 25 seizures!!!

God was not done yet!! So the Father goes back to the hopsital and lays hands on his grandaughter ( not by blood, but by ADOPTION of his daughter) and delcares that the seizures come out of her in Jesus Name!!! And declares Isaiah 53 that by Jesus' stripes she would be healed and within a couple more days and not right away ( admits maybe because he still had a little doubt) the phone rings and it is his daughter sayinf dad.."Haley has gone 24 hours with no seizures! "

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