Friday, April 10, 2015

Knowing the Significance of September Before It Comes!

Knowing the Significance of September before It Comes!

Some choose to live in the moment while others appreciate the importance of the events to come. We suggest a proper balance will lead to a proper perspective!

Many events will soon take place in September 2015 and they are indeed SIGNIFICANT so that is why we choose to disclose the series of articles, fellow blog shares, you tube media and research based upon this month.

Events to take place :
Pope Francis Visiting the USA for the Ceremony of Families (which has NEVER happened in the history of the Papacy)
Jewish Festivals
Blood Moon

And WWIII??? Prayerfully NOT, however, the events listed above will inevitably occur! Why would the Pope visit Philadelphia? Whether you are thinking the reason is good or bad the thought surely should cross one's mind as it is out of the routine normalcy of what we have experienced in history. Then you should ask WHERE does this correlate to previous historical events. We must turn to biblical prophecy, which holds the most leads.

Revelation 3:7-13. Feel welcome to message or comment for discussion!

Read the article share:  ( just an insightful perspective

Blood Moon : False Prophet Pope Francis to visit the Beast during Super ...:

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