Thursday, March 5, 2015

Challenges in the Workplace

Topic: Name 3 Challenges People are Facing in the Workplace
As we look into these challenges we will first identify them and then look at the following:
1) Lack of Talent & Leadership Alignment
2) IQ, EQ, and SA
3) Maintaining Integrity of Brand & Style

Dynamics: Constant Evolving Culture, Consumer Demand, & Technology as it correlates to collegiate internship experiences; ability to apply, express, and maintain a practical balance between personal and professional; effort and integrity personal as it correlates to profession captured in interview process

Tactic of Resolve: Polls/Surveys, Analytics, & Entrance/Exit Interviewing that looks at a universal model according to real personality type

Both Large and small companies all have synergies when it comes to both barometers of success as well as challenges.  Common issues plaguing the workplace are due to an interview process that does not gauge every type of individual who walks through their doors despite the  Equal Opportunity Act  and Civil Rights Acts combating against racial discrimination.  The dilemma lies in the prejudices that are woven into the culture and fabric of not only the human resource department of corporations, but also in the environment of the employee's nature.

True enough time reveals that some things change with time elapsed and maturation, however, some things are prevalent and remain no differently than our selection of companions, friendships, as well as relationships that correlate to our preferences in the board room, staff interaction to coffee and cigarette break room chat.

So the question must be asked...Is always the employee that does not match the job description later or that the employer is the culprit of a flat out "poof judge of character" when hiring?

The answer is that there is NO ONE to blame, but the lack of insight, preparation and balance of connection between high level institutions, real life "hands on" internships, the willingness to grow TOGETHER and most importantly the spiritual balance required to carry out the vision and mission of ANY company in the WORLD!  

This becomes a controversial issue at large with all of the laws passing pertaining to both emerging and ancient practices and religious belief systems.  

The next question becomes what does a balance of the IQ, EQ, and SA (Spiritual Aptitude/altitude) in the workplace look like?

Every member should be screen continually, provided team building concepts, and expected to carry their own load.  These SAME principles should apply in EVERY business whether the company is a sports team, medical clinic, or educational institution all members and employees should be provided with the proper tools to maintain standards of excellence while the employers should also be interactive in these procedures so that in the case of termination all parties have exhibited their very best intellectually, morally, ethically and spiritually.

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